Outsourcing of the HR function

HR Services S.A. is a partner of choice for small and medium-sized firms as well as for start-ups when it comes to outsourcing of the HR function.

The consultants of HR Services S.A. work on the premises of the client to execute the HR function for small and medium-sized firms which do not need a full-time HR Manager. In cooperation with an HR officer or on his/her own, the consultant carries out all the services that are normally offered by an HR Department.

Administration of personnel

  • Administrative follow-up of the staff and liaising with administrations
  • Managing of personnel files

HR Statistics and Reporting

    • Starters and leavers
    • Absences (holidays, illness, accidents)
    • Salary costs

Management of fringe benefits

    • Company cars
    • Company flats
    • Luncheon vouchers
    • Mortgage loans

Preparation of salary instructions for a "fiduciaire"

    • Preparation of monthly and extraordinary instructions for a local payroll company
    • Verification of salaries
    • Coordination with the accounting department

HR Management

  • Management of yearly HR appraisals
  • Management of job descriptions
  • Establishment of career and succession plans
  • Presence during a disciplinary interview
  • Exit interviews

Recruitment management

  • Establishment of job profiles and identification of best sources of applications
  • Drafting and publication of recruitment advertisements
  • Recruitment interviews
  • Administrative follow-up of recruitments

Management of training

  • Establishment of training plans
  • Preparation of documentation for co-financing (state subsidy)
  • Administrative follow-up of training programmes
  • Evaluation of training measures

Internal Communication

  • Welcoming of new staff members
  • Drafting and updating of staff manuals
  • Presence at meetings with the personnel delegation


  • Efficient organisation of the HR Department
  • Setting up and writing of the procedures of the HR Department, particularly for ISO certified companies and for "contingency" purposes.

Examples of long-term assignments

  • HR Manager of an industrial company in charge of implementing the HR policy (8 hr/week)
  • HR Manager in a service company (4hr/week)
  • HR helpdesk for a service company, intermediary between the international HR Director located abroad and the local management.

Examples of short-term assignments

  • Replacement of the Recruitment Manager in a bank in charge of developing and implementing a recruitment strategy (20hr/week)
  • Replacement of a Recruitment Officer in a bank, responsible for the recruitment of staff for different departments (20hr/week)