Coaching and Outplacement

Individual and group performance coaching

Over the last years, the coaches of HR Services S.A. have acquired a huge expertise in performance coaching by following a strict deontology. After an initial session (the "briefing") to determine the objectives of the coaching in agreement with the coachee, his/her manager, a representative of the HR Department and the coach of HR Services S.A., the coachee and the coach work together to achieve these objectives during their regular coaching sessions. At the end of this coaching process in a debriefing, the above-mentioned parties meet again to verify that the objectives have been achieved.

The coaching can be applicable to individuals or teams (team coaching). Team coaching is particularly effective in case of Change Management.

Examples of assignments

  • Individual coaching for personal development purposes in case of promotion or transfer in various organisations;
  • Individual performance coaching in various organisations;
  • Coaching of a team in a Change Management situation following the implementation of new software or new procedures in companies and administrations;
  • Coaching of a team in a conflict situation.

Executive Coaching

The coaches of HR Services S.A. are the partners of many Senior Managers, including Executive Directors and Board Members of various organisations when these take on their new role as well as offering them a sounding board to enable them to clarify complex situations, to focus on the core problems and to develop new strategies.

Redundancy and Career Coaching and Outplacement

Over the last ten years, the coaches of HR Services S.A. have successfully assisted a few hundred employees with redundancy and career coaching following lay-offs as well as individual termination of contracts. Because of their in-depth knowledge of the local employment market and its players, they have been able to establish themselves as one of the leaders in this field.